Sunday, January 3, 2010

Still thinking about an earlier conversation

I had a small disagreement with someone this evening about who are bigger freaks, Men or Women? Personally, I feel every female is a freak. Now don't curse me out before you hear me out, just continue to read. I feel that every woman wants her man to do things to her that she never felt before. After a while I don't care if you're superhead or Mandigo, it all gets boring if you don't create and try new things in the bedroom, outside or where ever you get down at. Let's face it, oral sex, missionary, from the back, riding, and so on. All of it is the same after a while. I think as men, we get spoiled when we have women come in and out of our lives that's willing to do any and everything in the bedroom. Ladies call them what you want, but I call them "pleasers." If you had one fellas you definitely know what I'm talking about. I'm talking about swallowing (which isn't a big deal to me), adding an additional female in the mix, toys, lotions, positions etc. The women that make more than just your toes curl. The females that deserve to be a 1st round draft picks if it was a Sex Draft, lol. On the flip side of this, women have come across men that will get down and dirty as well.... I mean dudes that will let a female shit on their chest if she's pretty enough (I wish I could tell you who this person is LOL)LOL again just thinking about it!!! The men that doesn't stop when the woman is climaxing in their mouth.
Women want sex just as bad as men. Women want to make both love and lust, you feel me. It's not like you want to have sex with other people but you must be creative in order to keep an interest between the two parties involved. Why not, Women are precious and they(some) deserve the works. The works is pleasing them from head to toe. I never say never about things because I don't know what I'll do if I'm put into that situation. I mean if someone ask me to jump in front of a semi-truck to see if it hurts, now that's just stupid ass hell, I mean in reason. Oh you want me to touch that, or lick there, no problem. You know what I'm getting at. Bedroom/Grown folks behavior(s) I'll do what ever it takes to make the person I'm with feel satisfied, better yet complete. Now everyone has to feel me on this one. I know you've been with someone and felt like "what the f--k was that. I mean your shit wasn't the bomb like tic tic. but on the real I want to feel satisfied. Truth be told, I get satisfaction from seeing the person I'm with satisfied. It just confirms that I've handle my business thoroughly. I'm not thirsty, I know who I want and how I want it, and how to get it my way. Besides, I'm not trying to waste my kids on just anyone. What do you think?????????

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  1. Nothing more exciting to me than seeing/knowing my man is totally enjoying himself. That alone, makes me orgasim...really! Sex can be anything you want it to be, as long as the person you are with goes along with it. Otherwise, it may be considered rape? Kind of a fine line there for you men! Good for you...don't waste your kids on just any body!! As I said, sex can be anything two adults want it to be. Guess you men just have to be up front with us women and tell us how you like it...if we comply great! If not, move on and don't waste your time or ours. Be you and you will find what you want. Haha...I am discovery this after being a caged women for 19 yrs in a marriage that I thought was good. I am not going to kiss a lot of frogs, I won't play any games with time is too precious and so are my kids. But, I can still get kinky (been fantasizing for years during our routine sex life). My mama told us girls many years ago, "Kinky is using a feather...perverted is using the whole bird!" hehe I guess I am a feather girl!