Monday, January 11, 2010

Quick chat

I saw a woman tonight curse her man what I call "the hell out!!" I mean that's cool and all, but why must everyone know your business? Why did that man have to feel less than a man in front of me and everyone else in the store? It just wasn't right to me. I didn't hear the whole arguement, but I did hear that she dislike one of his family members. He didn't even defend his blood. I mean the woman said she think that he is just like the family member she don't like. If that's the case, she's basically saying that he isn't shit either. That's what she said about his relative. He didn't even respond. I'm thinking maybe he's been down this road with her before, or he feels that what she is saying is true about his family. Overall, I just feel that if my woman feels the need to let me have it, please wait until we're behind closed doors. I mean it's hard to swallow when someone belittles you to the point that you look like you wanna cry like that man did earlier in the store. LOL, grow a pair and check your bia. I'm out..... YOur favorite author favorite author..... Steven Morgan

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