Friday, January 15, 2010

Real talk Part 1 (of many)

I just have to get some shit off of my chest. I'm tired of people complaining about how fucked up their life is!! I don't understand how people don't appreciate what God has given to them. Think about it.... Somebody is going to die tomorrow somewhere in the world. I know it sounds bold and raw, but it's real talk. It's a blessing to just wake up in the morning. The experiences that I've been through in my life has just made me more aware of life and how things goes, and to appreciate everything.... Whether good or bad. Let me know if I'm talking bullshit or real shit. I just want to be the best I can be as a man. Things that I can't control doesn't worry me because I'm not in charge of it's fate. My uncle once told me,"Steve you know how to make God Laugh? Tell him what you're going to do tomorrow!" and I'll never forget that, because we don't know where we're going in life. We just hope that we make the right decisions to lead us to our dreams and accomplishments. I don't know, who the hell am I? I just wanted to holler at you about something that's on my mind...... until next time...... Author Steven Morgan

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